Technical centre

Comprehensive testing options for a perfect result.

Technical centre

Test concepts and materials before the final completion of your machine.

Technical centre

Process development on a laboratory scale.

Efficient and innovative complete solutions – test them with us in advance.

Our in-house Technical centre in Vreden is the link between the lab and large-scale production. Over a total of more than 400 m², embossing tests, samples or pilot runs can be produced on innovative laboratory equipment across all product areas. Thanks to a modular design and flexible floor systems, machines can be configured to meet specific customer requirements. With innovative equipment at the highest technical level, we offer a wide range of test conditions and set high standards.

Research & development

Research and development is the driving force behind technological progress. Thanks to close collaboration between our R&D and specialist departments, the latest innovations are continuously refined to meet our customers’ needs.


Our experts can replicate a variety of processes using original customer materials on a laboratory scale. The results are immediately incorporated into the further development of your products.

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